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Simply park up and manage your parking spaces efficiently with “Park-Local”

Brilliantly simple – and simply brilliant!

The benefits of Park-Local at a glance

Park-Local makes car-park management simpler, more efficient, more convenient, and also more affordable. Companies, administrations and private entities get to maximise utilisation of their spaces while minimising costs. The parking space users also benefit: They get to park for free and can book (additionally) required parking quickly and easily within a matter of seconds using the smartphone app.

  • Inspiringly simple parking

    Share free parking spaces according to the sharing principle with Park-Local - and allow users to reserve required spaces via the app with minimum fuss.
  • Maximum capacity

    Maximise utilisation of your parking spaces with Park-Local – and release free spaces quickly and easily for authorised users.
  • Lower Cost

    Minimise the administrative and personnel costs involved in car-park management with Park-Local - and at the same time increase efficiency and convenience for the users.

    Smartphone App for iOS and Android

    Active Search Function

    No parking space available? Save your request with one simple click. The moment a parking space becomes available, it will be reserved for you – and you will be notified via email or push message.

    Simple Booking System

    Tap three times with your finger – and your parking reservation is confirmed! Parking with the Park-Local app is that brilliantly simple.

    Intuitive Menu Navigation

    Park-Local is brilliantly simple – and simply brilliant. That is why during development we have been careful to have everything exactly where you want it.

    To be able to use Park-Local’s smartphone or tablet app, you must first be registered as an authorised user in the context of having a valid Park-Local licence.

    The Latest Functions

    Park-Local is constantly developed based on customer feedback and enhanced with attractive new functions. Here you can see what makes Park-Local so great.

    Clear Overview

    The Park-Local dashboard gives you the perfect overview at all times. You can keep tabs on current parking utilisation (long-term and short-term spaces) and view other important information at a glance.

    Efficient and Flexible

    With Park-Local, the available parking spaces can be managed efficiently, intelligently and flexibly, released for use and reserved – including recurring dates.


    With Park-Local, you can allocate specific parking spaces or areas to defined groups (e.g. employees, tenants, visitors, VIPs).


    Of course, Park-Local is available in different languages (DE,FR,IT,EN). Furthermore, everything is designed for maximum user-friendliness.

    Convenient and Quick

    The highly efficient web application makes car-park management a piece of cake for licencees. Everything can managed quickly and conveniently via the web application.

    Brilliantly simple

    The web application from Park-Local is intuitive to use and has a responsive design. An optimum display of all contents is provided at all times – even on mobile devices.

    Test Park-Local now!
    For 30 days with no commitment and no charge!

    It takes just three simple steps to arrive at perfect car-park management with Park-Local:
    Register – log in – enter your first location, parking space and user – and off you go!

    Don’t delay – make sure you get all the benefits of Park-Local now – without any risk! Test Park-Local – for 30 days with no commitment and no charge!

    Compare the functions of the different Park-Local licences and find the licence package that best suits your needs (upgrade available at all times).

    How “Park-Local” works

    With Park-Local, managing and sharing parking spaces becomes child’s play – allowing more drivers to find a parking space in the same parking area over the course of the day. Our short and concise video will show you how everything works. Sit back and relax, and learn all there is to know about the functions and benefits of Park-Lokal in less than three minutes.