We would now like to introduce ourselves to you briefly.

This trio came up with the idea of Park-Local.

  • Urs Christen

    Partner and President of the Administrative Board.

    When it comes to private and public transport on our roads, Urs Christen knows few peers. Because, as the boss of a bus company, he and around 90 staff members ensure that thousands of commuters, pupils, employees and private individuals reach their destination safely and on time every day in the greater Zurich area on behalf of large transportation services. In this regard, he is also well aware of how scarce parking space has become in big cities and their agglomerations.
    “With Park-Local, we have made it possible to better utilise existing resources in an incredibly easy way. Ultimately, everyone benefits: The property owners and the users. And we are helping the environment too, because search traffic around parking areas is greatly reduced.”

  • Timo Lars Fuhlbrügge

    Partner and COO.

    Timo Lars Fuhlbrügge is an experienced sales & distribution and marketing & communications specialist, and is in charge of the operational side of the business at Park-Local AG. In his opinion, Park-Local is the perfect tool to tackle the growing necessity for parking space in Switzerland effectively.
    “It makes a lot more sense to simply share parking space that you don’t need all the time than to leave it empty. It’s not like you’re losing out – you’re simply making everyday life easier for others. And the parking space owners benefit too – from low personnel and financial costs for parking management and from the joy of the parking space users about being able to reserve additional parking at any time. This makes everything much more convenient and efficient for everyone concerned – and this is done in a brilliantly simple way and at totally manageable costs.”

  • Patrick Willborn

    Partner and CTO.

    At 41, Patrick is the youngest of the trio. The Swiss-certified business economist “grew up” in the industry and in the IT sector, and is responsible for ensuring that the technology behind Park-Local runs smoothly.
    “I experience almost every day how annoyed drivers get when they – having finally arrived at their destination – cannot find a free parking space. Not everyone can rely on public transport for their daily commute. By contrast, many people depend on their car, delivery van or some other type of vehicle. Companies, institutions and administrations that use Park-Local to manage their parking spaces can make everyday life much easier for these professional people. And as a tenant, I would also be delighted if I could reserve free parking spaces for guests during the next local event, for example. With Park-Local, we reduce some of the everyday stress people experience – and that really does help everyone!”

Park-Local AG

Park-Local AG was founded in Effretikon in 2016. The services and offerings of Park-Local are the result of the realisation that there are clearly too many permanently assigned parking spaces in industrial areas and in many leased properties. This leads to massive levels of vacancy, while those looking for a place to park drive around in circles, wasting time, losing patience and damaging the environment. The services of Park-Local make efficient car-park management, flexible car-park sharing and optimum utilisation of existing parking areas a reality. With Park-Local, more users can find a free parking space in the same area – and parking space owners can manage their parking area conveniently and affordably. This way both parking space owners and parking space users benefit in equal measure. With “Park-Local”, parking in Switzerland becomes much easier – and the environment benefits from less search traffic, noise and exhaust emissions.