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Park-Local is live!


Parking availability is vital, and expensive, for companies, administrations and property landlords. As of today, the Swiss tool “Park-Local” makes car-park management a piece of cake. Operating expenses are reduced, resource utilisation is increased, and management becomes much more efficient and convenient. However, it is those using the parking spaces who benefit the most: The (additionally) required parking space can be booked quickly and easily within a matter of seconds using the smartphone app.

A world without parking spaces? Inconceivable! Companies, property management firms, store owners, hotels, schools, hospitals, public administrations – they all need parking spaces. Costs associated with land, maintenance and management are considerable. Yet very few owners have an efficient parking management system in place. This often results in excessive administrative costs, inefficient utilisation and a lack of convenience for the users. Day in, day out across the country we see umpteen thousand reserved parking spaces left unoccupied or used illegally, while customers, visitors and employees spend an age driving around looking for somewhere to park.

This is where the Swiss tool “Park-Local” comes to the rescue. Owners can manage their parking areas efficiently via the web application, maximise utilisation, and distribute free parking spaces according to the sharing principle – for drivers authorised to access the corresponding area. And those using the parking space can book additional parking if required – quickly and easily via the smartphone app (iPhone and Android). They can then park for free! Everyone’s a winner: The owners benefit from more efficiency and lower costs, the users from more flexibility and convenience!

If you are interested in “Park-Local”, you can try it for 30 days for free and without commitment!

Further information is in the press release dated 6.11.2017