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Park-Local – from idea to reality


Ingenious solutions seem simple. But it’s often the case that lots of good ideas and plenty of hard work are behind anything that looks so simple. This was no different in bringing “Park-Local” to fruition.

The normal hurly-burly of modern everyday life was the inspiration for the idea: develop a simple app to efficiently manage and ingeniously share parking spaces along the lines of the sharing economy.

As self-employed entrepreneurs, the founders Urs Christen, Timo Fuhlbrügge and Patrick Willborn are out and about every day for their clients. And like many thousands of others they too noticed that there are indeed plenty of parking spaces available: on industrial sites, outside institutions, in external areas and in underground car parks at holiday complexes, hotels and private buildings. But most of them are permanently allocated to residents, employees or part-time workers – and are empty for most of the time.
As a result, drivers everywhere are circling around, in desperate search of an available parking space. Even in the evening or at the weekend when they want to visit friends or relatives.

Urs Christen, Timo Fuhlbrügge and Patrick Willborn decided: this problem needed a solution which was as simple as it was reliable and offered benefits for everyone. The ground-breaking idea of programming a web application that works in two directions came about after intensive brainstorming: Parking space owners can manage their parking spaces more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. And parking space users can free up their parking spaces to others at times when they do not use them. In this way, the available parking space can be flexibly shared to maximise occupancy – and in the course of the day more users can find an available parking space where they need it!
Subsequently, sketches and plans were drawn up, costs were calculated, a business plan worked out, the communication concept developed, a corporate identity created and a sales strategy rolled out. At the same time they programmed both the web application and the corresponding app – in four languages.

And now, about a year later, “Park-Local” has grown from an embryonic idea to a functional application, and thousands of drivers’ dreams have become reality. Because with “Park-Local”, parking all around the world will be child’s play in the future thanks to the four-language app and web application. And at a very low cost.

Find out here exactly how “Park-Local” works and how you can gain from this ingenious application.