Product Overview


Web application and smartphone app

Our services complement each other perfectly. While the parking space owners (e.g. property management, private community associations, companies, hotels, public administrations) manage the locations and parking spaces via the web application, the authorised user (e.g. employees, tenants, home owners) can find parking spaces by simply using the smartphone app, and edit their own bookings, booking enquiries and active search requests. Of course, the user can also log in on the web application.

Keeping tabs on all the important details at all times

You can use the dashboard to keep tabs on the most important information at all times and react accordingly.

Intuitive design and simple menu navigation

Park-Local is brilliantly simple. Everything is designed in such a way that you can find your way around instantly. Give it a try!

Always mobile!

Simple booking and management functions via the iOS or Android smartphone app.

Test Park-Local now!
For 30 days with no commitment and no charge!

It takes just three simple steps to arrive at perfect car-park management with Park-Local: Register – log in – enter your first location, parking space and user – and off you go!

Using Park-Local is simple from the get-go. Our setup guide will lead you through the first few steps. So that you can get started immediately without any detours.

Compare the functions of the different Park-Local licences and find the licence package that best suits your needs (upgrade available at all times).

How “Park-Local” works

With Park-Local, managing and sharing parking spaces becomes child’s play – allowing more drivers to find a parking space in the same parking area over the course of the day. Our short and concise video will show you how everything works. Sit back and relax, and learn all there is to know about the functions and benefits of Park-Lokal in less than three minutes.

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Detailed information about Park-Local application and their application

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    Optimum view – on your smart phone, too

    With just one click you have access to all settings and functions.

    Mobile dashboard – for the perfect overview at all times

    The dashboard shows you everything at a glance: the number of parking spaces filled, the date and location of your next reservation, current request lists and all activities at your parking spaces.

    Reserve easily – park easily

    Quick and clear overview. You set the date, the start and end time as well as the car park. Done.

    Clear overview

    All datasets are presented clearly and practically in list form. The high-performance search function also delivers perfect results at all times.

    Dashboard – for system administrators and users

    The dashboard shows both the system administrator and the user the most important information at a glance, by means of informative graphics

    Finding parking spaces made easy

    The parking space search also works when you don’t have your smart phone to hand! Simply use the web application, which works equally well in any up-to-date browser.